GPS data of the GR 20 route

From now on you can download all my GPS data for the GR 20 trail and use it in your Garmin, Magelan etc. Please note they are not true tracklogs recorded by a GPS device. I created the files by hand using calibrated scanned maps and TrackMaker. Then I validated them in Google Earth and they all seem to be accurate enough. After all, my maps of GR20’s stages (e.g. this one) are based on the same data.

More GR20’s GPS data on-line

During my research I found the following GPS data of the GR 20 trail available online. I list them all, because you may find them useful:

  • GR 20 at — GR 20 tracklog published by Guido Schmidt in September 2005. Only registered members of the seem to be able to download the tracklog. Other visitors can just see it on a very small Google map. The website is in Italian. Probably the same log (at least its author is Guido Schmidt again) is available without registration at with a short description in Dutch, Google map and a KML file for the Google Earth.
  • also offers a short walk (4km) in Cirque de Bonifatu.
  • A Dutch website offers a huge 400kb GR 20 tracklog for download with hundreds of waypoints.
  • Michal Pasniewski published a short report of his GR20 trek done in May 2002 and included a tracklog of the GR20 in Garmin mps format.
  • Plain text coordinates of the GR 20 Nord are available at You can download a big 1.2MB file or separate stages in 9 smaller files. Another three files contains the routes to Monte Cinto from Asco, to Paglia Orba and Capu Tafunatu from Ciottulu di i Mori, and to Monte Rotondo from Petra Piana. The files are accompanied with description of the stages in French, scanned topo maps and photos.
  • (in German) offers six routes in multiple formats: GR20 Nord, GR20 Sud, Monte Cinto both from Asco and Haute Asco, Monte Rotondo from Petra Piana and Paglia Orba from Ciottulu di i Mori.

Posted by Marek Prokop on Wed, 2007-02-28 15:39